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Dr. Tori Brown

Dr. Tori Brown is a multifaceted author, entrepreneur, business developer, and Tech Startup founder. She has spent over 20 years working with emerging and legacy brands in sports, media, and entertainment to create business models and strategies that would provide untethered access to non-traditional and traditional sources of funding. Her clients have ranged from professional athletes, entertainers, and record labels, their families, and at-risk communities –all looking to create businesses that need access to start-up capital.

Dr. Brown holds an AA and BA degree in psychology and African-American studies, a master’s degree in school counseling and education and a PHD in psychology. Her personal experiences combined with the knowledge and skills she has garnered along the journey drives her mission to help people living below the poverty line start and grow six-figure companies. She recalls losing everything three times before her own personal shift and contributes much of her financial comeback to the knowledge and resources acquired from bookstores–a pivotal point in her journey and inspiration for creating Fresh Docs Inc., a family of companies actively helping ordinary people start and fund extraordinary businesses and Success Lockdown, a real estate investing platform and education company.


Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.

Dr. Brown’s background in financial and business consulting reaches many industries and global markets including entertainment, technology, travel and tourism. Her experience includes providing business development and management for professional athletes and entertainers as well as strategic budget planning for record labels in Detroit, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. In addition to her work in entertainment, Dr. Brown served as a consultant to Business Travelers Services (BTS), where she served as a consultant to minority seated airport concessionaires, to provide advisory for expansion projects at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Her key roles included identifying company goals for expansion, pulling together a team of professionals to manage the expansion operations, engage team processes for providing the organization with funding injections for these projects. During her work with BTS she facilitated contract negotiations for proposal partnerships between Delta Airlines Sky Club and the Clearette Franchise to sponsor a smoke-less smoking lounge area.


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Dr. Brown has also been instrumental in helping startups and emerging businesses break into competitive markets. Some of her work includes organizing a funding team that leveraged $1.2M in capital for a start-up to develop a spa franchise in the greater Atlanta Area. She also provided consulting, advisory, and strategic planning and development for Vanus Consulting Inc. specializing in engaging new business relationships to develop partnerships with new joint ventures. Dr. Brown was responsible for the work Vanus facilitated with companies in the technology industry of building gaming machines to then be licensed to vendors identified with the Gaming Commission for the State of Illinois, a nanotechnology company that provided services to 11 counties of school districts in the Greater Atlanta Area and commercial cleaning franchises in Atlanta, Florida, and California. The greatest work of 25 years as a business developer includes being a researcher and published author of content related to engaging communities to improve social capital in underserved areas.