To fund some of the more challenging real estate transactions, we take the time to establish long-lasting partnerships with a variety of lenders, brokers, and deal advisors.

True community consulting takes place when everyone on the team is involved in reviewing the submission and exploring options that meet the client’s needs. We have closed multiple impossible deals because we battle for you and your situation with the underwriting teams every day.

You must be a champion in conveying opportunities when it comes to making successful real estate deals for the community.” - Dr. Tori Brown


We try our best for your success

We champion the belief that the power to create change lies within the community and the resources they have access to. We believe that individuals are the experts in their own lives so together we shape a brighter financial future for families. We provide these services because everyday people and working professionals deserve an opportunity to buy, own, and profit in the industry of real estate. 

Experience & Expertise

You have over 25 years of experience working for you.

24/7 Premium Support

Complete forms online at any time for your convenience.

Professional Virtual Consulting

We create a one-on-one personal approach with online meetings.


Our mission is to build more real estate investors each year in multiple communities around the nation.


Our vision is to increase the number of marginalized real estate investors so we can increase the net worth of the working professionals that want to retire earlier than expected.
Why Choose us

What do you learn from us?

Real Estate investing is something that more people would participate in if they understood more. Our work is simple math to us. We add to your current understanding of real estate investing and then subtract from you the myths around who has access to become a real estate investor.

There are so many ways that you can participate in the real estate industry without being a licensed realtor. Here are a few options you can consider:

What skills does it take to become a successful investor?

Active Listening
Empathy and Compassion
Virtual Communication
Solution Focused
Powerful Questioning
Goal Setting and Planning