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Join us weekly on the Credit Hammer Podcast, where we hammer out solutions and strategies to help you navigate the world of credit, finance, and real estate.

Our experts dive into insightful discussions, share heartfelt stories, and provide actionable tips to empower you on your journey toward financial well-being and success.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, we’ve got the tools and knowledge you need to build a stronger financial future. Tune in, and let’s forge your path to financial success!

Breaking Your Fear of Credit with Dr. Tori Brown

Dr. Tori Brown is a visionary in the field of transformation and multiple years of experience in helping people improve their credit score. The Credit Hammer Podcast is just an extension of her two decades years of experience dealing with personal credit matters as a credit consulting specialist. This podcast will explore and help people understand the psychological impact that both good and bad credit have on you as a consumer and investor. This fall of 2023 she is coming back from a long twelve year hiatus of media communication and broadcasting. She is a former radio personality from Detroit Michigan with a lot of experience, expertise, and exposure to the business world and technology.



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